Merge Tags: Getting Started

Merge tags are a tool you can use to send customized content to your contacts. Using merge tags you can personalize the subject line, preview text, to address, reply to address, html body, and text body of your campaigns.

A simple merge tag looks like *|FIRST NAME|*. When BigMailer sends a campaign, it replaces the tag with the value of the contacts' first name field. The merge tags available depend on the fields you have defined in the brand, though there are some that are aways available.

Inserting Merge Tag Values

Inserting a merge tag value varies depending on the editor you are using:

Drag & Drop: When editing a text area, insert a merge tag using "Special Links" and "Merge tags" buttons.


Classic (HTML): Click the leftmost button in the toolbar to insert a merge tag.


Text: Use the dropdown and "Insert Merge Tag" button.