Account Not Verified

What to do when BigMailer tells you your AWS account is not verified

As part of setting up an AWS account, Amazon requires that you enter a valid credit/debit card and that you verify the phone number you entered. These steps must be completed in order for BigMailer to send email using your AWS account. If BigMailer shows an error telling you that your AWS account is not verified, check the following things:

  • A valid credit/debit card is entered in the billing console with a correct billing address.
  • Amazon made an authorization charge to the card (typically $1). The charge is temporary and will not be taken from your balance.
  • Did you get a phone call from Amazon verifying your phone number? If not, contact Amazon so they can verify your phone number.

If you're still having trouble, open a case with Amazon's Account and Billing Support and let them know that you're getting an 'OptInRequired' error on your account. They'll be happy to help you resolve this issue!