Custom Tracking Hosts

Setting up a custom tracking host can improve deliverability

In order to collect and report on your campaign's clicks, opens, and unsubscribes, BigMailer inserts tracking links into your email's HTML. An example click tracking url appearing in an email looks like:

By default, these links use a hostname BigMailer manages on your behalf, such as or For most users, these host names will be fine. However, certain email clients such as Gmail sometimes flag these hosts as suspicious. For example, Gmail flags links as suspicious if the host in your email links (urls) suddenly change. This can happen when the email platform you use changes, such as when switching from Mailchimp to BigMailer.

In order to improve deliverability and reduce the likelihood your contacts experience warning messages when receiving and clicking on links in your emails, we recommend configuring BigMailer to use a custom tracking host. For example, if you send email from [email protected], we recommend configuring as your custom tracking host. A custom tracking host makes it look like the tracking links are hosted on your site and thus makes your emails look more authentic.

Please our guide on setting up a custom tracking domain.